Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now that you have the ring, it’s time to start planning your dream wedding. Wedding trends are ever-changing, but we’ve scoured our resources and found five up-and-coming trends for 2020 that are sure to be timeless for whatever date you choose!

  1. Fall in Love with Sustainability

Being eco-friendly is always a good decision – but this year, sustainability will also be a particularly hot topic for wedding planning as well. So, how do you create the perfect sustainable wedding?

  • Think Local! Shop the vendors in your area to find the perfect décor and local, fresh foods. It is a win-win to be eco-friendly while also saving money on shipping!
  • Outdoor Beauty. The best way to plan sustainably is to utilize the gorgeous scenery that we’ve already got! An outdoor ceremony and reception will provide you with all the organic, natural beauty needed to set the scene, which saves you from needing to decorate a space.
  1. A New Take on Cake

Gone are the days of the traditional white cake. Rising on trend for 2020 will be a sweet twist on providing desserts to your guests. Think less frosting, more variety. This new trend encourages you to customize your wedding to accommodate your sweet tooth instead of tradition. We’ve gathered a few tasty ideas to help you pick your craving!

  • Dreaming of Doughnuts. Whether you stack them in a tower or hang them on a custom doughnut wall, we know this sweet treat is sure to please your guests.
  • I-Scream-For-Ice-cream! Bringing in an ice cream cart to your reception is the perfect mixture of sweet and creative. This treat also allows your guests to customize their dessert with assorted toppings – just don’t get a brain freeze!
  • A Treat for All. And if you still can’t decide – do it all! An assorted dessert bar gives you the best of it all and allows you to add something traditional to your reception by including some family favorites.
  1. Show Gratitude by Giving Back

Before you purchase 250 personalized koozies, mints, or coasters, consider hopping on board with an up-and-coming 2020 trend: the gift that gives back. Provide your guests with a purposeful “thank you for coming” gift that they’ll never lose in the junk drawer.

  • Plant a Seed of Thanks. Pre-potted party favors cover all the wedding trend bases: eco-friendly, creative, and budget-conscious. Consider visiting your local nursery for seasonal plants and small pots that you can purchase in bulk and VOILA! This gift idea says thank you to your guests and the earth.
  • Mark Your Big Day with Donation. Another way to show your appreciation to your guests is to donate to a worthy cause in their honor. What better way to keep the wedding day warm-and-fuzzies going than to give back to a cause near and dear to your heart?
  1. Color Me Married

Neutral color pallets will be taking a back seat to more colorful schemes this year. Regardless of the season, don’t be afraid to add your favorite pops of vibrant colors. Not sure where to sprinkle in your signature colors? We’ll help.

  • Colorful Kicks. Adding bright shoes to yourself and your bridal party is a fun way to step up the color at your wedding. Don’t be afraid to include funky socks, too! The pop of color underneath bridesmaid dresses or groomsmen slacks will create a fun and colorful visual whether they are walking down the aisle or grooving on the dance floor.
  • Signature Sips. Staying on trend in to the New Year will be incorporating a signature drink option. Whether you offer it to guests to enjoy during the ceremony or reveal it at the reception, spicing this drink up with colorful syrups or seasonings is a tasteful (and tasty!) way to bring in color.
  1. Unique Accommodations

Whether your guests are local or abroad, offering unique accommodations is sure to make your wedding the event of the season. Scratch standard hotels from your list and research one-of-a-kind lodging near your venue instead.

  • Cozy Cabin. Providing a cabin accommodation option for your guests is the perfect way to include an earthy element to your wedding vibe. This 2020 trend gives wedding-goers a customized experience from beginning to end. Plus, who wouldn’t want a delicious s’more around a fire after a night of celebrating?
  • Hidden Gem. Wherever you get married, spend some time researching local over-night options unique to the area. While they may have limited rooms, a bed and breakfast or cottage inn will give your guests a more personal experience than a chain hotel option.

And there you have it – five trends that are sure to be on the rise this New Year! There are, of course, many additional trends that will be specific to your season, venue and style. But, whether you choose trends of the past, present, or future for your big day, remember that the most essential and timeless trend of all is Love. And, we are pretty sure you’ve already got that covered.

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