We know it has been a tough couple of months for everyone. We have all had to cancel plans, remain distanced from our loved ones, and learn how to manage work and school remotely. Where our calendars were once filled with parties, anniversaries, and events, they now seem to only read: TBD.

With each passing day, we are hopeful to be a step closer to better days – days that include a hug from those we love or a barbeque with close friends.  While we may not know exactly when that day will come, we do know that when the shelter-in-place lifts, things are going to look a bit different, and that includes gathering with family and friends.

You may be asking yourself: What DO group gatherings look like on the other side of COVID-19?  Well, we have mapped out exactly what a social distancing retreat at Pine Creek Escape can look like. Keep reading to learn how you can stay safe and socially distance without sacrificing all the fun and fresh air….

The recommendation to socially distance or limit the size of group gatherings may not be going away anytime soon, but with cabins that sleep 12 people, you will have plenty of room to spread out and keep a safe amount of space amongst an intimate number of people. The cabins also offer a full kitchen which eliminates the need to eat out, saving you money and skipping any additional contact with those outside of your core family and friends.

Worried about completing remote school and work? Well worry not, because we have got you covered there too! Our cabins offer strong wifi connection so you will be able to play hard AND work hard.  This perfect set up makes it possible to pack up your laptop and spend a week out at the cabin for a much-needed change of scenery while still completing all things work and school. We cannot think of a better way to break up a remote workday than to step outside your door to a scenic view and a leisurely sit around the fire. This getaway location makes it easy to play and explore the towering pines all day while still abiding by social distancing guidelines.

When it comes to booking, we encourage you to stick with your quarantine crew – family members or close friends that you have already been in contact with. Keeping your group size small and limited to those closest to you is the best way to ensure that your group stays safe and follows gathering recommendations. Before your group arrives, we will take all the necessary cleaning precautions to provide a safe environment for you to relax and unwind in. And since we have several cabin options, you can rest easy knowing that we can accommodate even larger families by utilizing more than one cabin during your stay.

As if the thought of breezy morning hikes, remote learning with a rustic view, and evening s’mores around the fire was not enough, your decision to gather at Pine Creek Escape is also an opportunity to provide support to a local business. Now, perhaps more than ever before, it is vital to support the small businesses that keep our local economy thriving. We have been a locally owned and ran business for over 30 years and we do not plan to stop anytime soon! When our community hurts, we feel it. By staying at a Pine Creek Escape cabin, you will not only be partaking in some much-needed R&R, but also helping a local business thrive during these challenging economic times.

Years from now, we will undoubtedly still remember the life changing days of COVID-19. But, with a little planning and a phone call to Pine Creek Escape, you can also look back on this time and remember the sweet gift of extra time spent with loved ones and the slow-down that you never knew you needed. Now is your chance to see the glass half-full and make the most of a difficult time – and we think half-full of your favorite beverage fireside sounds pretty great.

Contact us to book a stay at one of our cozy cabins – 815-881-1180. Or visit www.pinecreekescape.com