When it comes to wedding planning, there is a long list of decisions for a bride and groom to make. The first big decision will probably be when you plan to get married. Choosing a date for your big day will set the tone for decor, attire, etc…

Once you have decided on the season and date of your wedding, you will need to select where you will host your wedding.  Arguably as important as the season and date of your wedding is the ambiance of your location. The location of your wedding will be one of the first details that you reveal to your guests before your special day.  The wedding location makes a statement to guests about what to expect and most importantly – what to look forward to! If you are planning your dream wedding, we know ‘indoor vs outdoor’ is a question you are probably asking yourself. We have put together six reasons why an outdoor venue will take your wedding from memorable to unforgettable.

Natural Decor

            Picture this: A dreamy sunset, luscious greens, and a soft breeze surround you while you exchange vows with the love of your life. Sounds picture-perfect, right?  Well, you can have it all without lifting a finger. An outdoor ceremony offers all the earth’s natural beauty without the stress of coordinating and purchasing decor. Whether you opt for warm fall colors, bright spring flowers, or the unmistakable sounds of summer as the backdrop for your outdoor wedding, one thing is for certain: it will be stunning.

Unique Photography

            The only thing better than experiencing the beautiful scenery on your wedding day? Experiencing it every day after through the undoubtedly beautiful images that will be captured. An outdoor wedding will grant the photographer limitless shots filled with natural sunlight and effortless scenery. Unlike an indoor wedding, an outdoor venue provides ample space for a photographer or videographer to set up and move around to capture incredible images of your big day.

Unlimited Space

            If you are looking to host a large wedding, you will likely run into issues with capacity limits at indoor venues, where guests may feel cramped in the tight seating. Outdoor locations, however, typically have the space for unlimited seating – giving guests a comfortable amount of space to relax and enjoy the magical day. Bonus: you can utilize the extra space to be as creative with the seating arrangement and ceremony set up as you would like! The aesthetic of an outdoor venue is also complementary to large bridal parties, giving them enough space to spread out.

Outdoor Vibes

            When it comes to the feel of your wedding, perhaps you want intimate and romantic. Conversely, maybe you are shooting for the party of the year. With the right venue, you can have BOTH! No matter the feel that you want to deliver, an outdoor wedding gives you the right vibes to achieve it. The combination of fresh air and scenic views is sure to get your guests in the mood to grab a cocktail and dance the night away.

Let the Venue Tell a Story

Whether you met your spouse on a hike at a forest preserve or just enjoy weekly rounds of golf together – your wedding venue is an opportunity to tell your guests about your love story. For avid nature lovers, an outdoor ceremony is a perfect way to bring hobby and love together. If water recreation is your favorite pastime, consider a ceremony with unique water views. Whether you have a long history with the great outdoors or simply enjoy nature’s exquisite details, the simple beauty of nature is an eloquent way to illustrate your love to your guests.

When it comes to the most important event of your life, do not let the stress of creating the perfect space overshadow the joy of the journey. Let nature create the beauty – you just bring the love.

Now that we have got you thinking all things lush greenery, serene views, and kissing under the open sky, let us help you plan your perfect outdoor wedding at Pine Creek. Contact us to book a tour and view our towering limestone canyon wedding ceremony sites and cozy cabins – 815-881-1180.